Solsunsets is an Art Collection of 4,444 generative landscapes inspired by the aesthetics of popular culture, nostalgic childhood memories, obsolete technologies and jazz fusion from the 80s. From the 1,33B possible combinations between the 112 handcrafted attributes (skies, suns, clouds, grounds, horizons and objects), only 4,444 striking and unique art pieces were generated. A project created by @rgb0x00
Frequently asked questions
How can I access my Solsunsets banners?
All Solsunsets come in two ratio sizes: 1:1 (square) and 3:1 (banner). You can download your Solsunsets banners here in our gallery by connecting your Phantom Wallet
Who is the team behind Solsunsets?
Solsunsets is a passionate endeavour of one single person – every part of this project was idealised, created and developed by myself, rgb0x00 – with the purpose of nurturing artistic and community values of NFTs in the Solana chain.
How do I purchase a Solsunset?
Solsunsets can be purchased on secondary markets and are currently listed on MagicEden and AlphaArt. There are also occasional auction series on Holaplex and there will be limited collections on ExchangeArt (TBA).
Are there secondary sales royalties?
Yes, royalties are set at 4% and proceeds are equally shared between the Community Treasury and the creator. The Community Treasury is used to fund Solsunsets DAO (SunDAO) initiatives and also for buying back low-priced Solsunsets on secondary markets until the supply reaches 3,333.
When was the launch and how much was the mint?
The launch happened on 11 Nov 2021 and the total supply of 4,444 was minted for 0.11 S◎L (pre-sale), 0.22 S◎L (early birds) and 0.33 S◎L (public).
Can I use my Solsunsets for commercial purposes?
To get permission to use your Solsunsets for commercial purposes, please contact
Next steps for Solsunsets
Solsunsets Special Editions
On 25 Dec 2021, the first Special Edition of Solsunsets – that consisted of animated versions of Solsunsets with the Greek Temple trait – was airdropped to owners of the 120 Solsunsets containing that trait. The second Special Edition was airdropped in 03 April of 2022 to all owners of the 276 Solsunsets with the Industrial Valley trait.
Solsunsets Auctions Series
The first Solsunsets Auction Series – in which 10 Sci-fi themed animated Solsunsets are being sold – is taking place between Dec/Jan and all raised funds are going to the Community Treasury. More Solsunsets auctions with thematic Solsunsets will happen through the year of 2022 on our Holaplex store and will be announced on our social media channels (Twitter and Discord).
Solsunsets Special Series
Collections of Solsunsets will be launched on ExchangeArt through the year and sold for a fixed price. The collections' launches will also be announced on our social media channels (Twitter and Discord).
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